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In Optima’s catalogue, the White series appears as an evolution of the Basic series. The difference resides in the increased number of rows, as well as in the softness of the bristles, composed by a mix of natural and reinforced boar bristles. The handle is made of ash wood, in its white and dark variants that exalt the texture of the reinforced boar and give the item an elegant and fashionable look.


The White series is an evolution of the Basic series from Optima Professional’s catalogue. It differs for the greater number of rows and for the facts that natural bristles are mixed with reinforced boar ones. The ash wood handle, white or dark, exalts the texture of the reinforced boar giving it an elegant and fashionable look.

The natural bristles respect and take care of both the hair and scalp, while the reinforced boar makes the hair softer and shinier, volumizing it without electrifying it. The White series also has undergone an evolution of the bristles; this new mix, unique on the market, emphasizes even more the qualities of the bristles from the Basic series.

The bristles follow a traditional pattern in order to ensure a soft grip on the hair while maintaining the hardness of the bristle. More rows have been added in order not to lose the grip, which is decreased due to the amplified softness of the bristles, allowing a better penetration into the hair at the same time.

Even the handle is an evolution of the traditional square cut: in fact, the “squared 2.0” handle undergoes further processing to improve its design and ergonomics.


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40mm – Dark Ash, 40mm – White Ash, 45mm – Dark Ash, 45mm – White Ash, 55mm – Dark Ash, 55mm – White Ash, 60mm – Dark Ash, 60mm – White Ash, 70mm – Dark Ash, 70mm – White Ash


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