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The Infinity series by Optima Professional is a revolution of the traditional conception of brushes. The tufts are not disposed in rows, they are uniformly distributed on the surface. The handle has a triangular section and an ergonomic, teardrop-shaped form that guarantees the highest precision and stability. Infinity is the perfect brush for a uniform and streak-free drying.


The special bristle pattern of the Optima Professional Infinity series allows you to exert perfect traction and optimal grip on the hair, leaving no room for errors and guaranteeing a uniform and streak-free drying.

The positioning of the bristles is completely different from the traditional one: the tufts are not arranged in rows, but distributed evenly on the circumference of the brush. The grip on the hair allowed by these characteristics is suitable for carrying out a strong traction on the hair, for better control and uniform and flawless drying. The bristles are made of a mix of reinforced boar and natural bristles. This allows you to respect both the hair and the scalp, making your hair softer and shinier, volumizing it without electrifying it.

The hardness of the bristles is in line with the other series: it has not been increased to prevent the brush from pulling the hair. The ash wood handle is triangular, with a teardrop ergonomic shape, which makes it perfect for reclining it inside the hand without slipping. Specially designed to give precision and grip in movements, without tiring.

There are six diameters available; this bristle pattern cannot be reproduced on smaller brushes.


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8315 – 32 mm, 8314 – 45 mm, 8313 – 45 mm, 8312 – 52 mm, 8311 – 60 mm, 8310 – 70 mm










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