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Optima Professional’s Basic series holds over fifty years of artisanal experience. Twelve different sizes provide a complete variety of brushes, designed to suit the treatment of every hair type. For the intermediate diameters, the bristles are available in three different lengths, in order to allow the clients to make a careful choice, basing on the strength they want to apply.


The Basic series contains all of Optima Professional’s expertise. In order to offer a complete variety, designed to suit every hair type, we created twelve brushes, available in different sizes and to anyone willing to take care of themselves. For the intermediate diameters, we chose to present three different types of bristles, of various lengths, so as to allow a careful choice that matches the strength that will be applied during the styling.

The reinforced boar bristles take care of hair and scalp at the same time. Using this kind of bristle makes the hair look naturally softer and shinier, and the volume will increase at every passage, without electrifying the hair.

The bristles are disposed according to a traditional pattern that guarantees a soft grip on the hair, with no need to reduce the hardness of the bristles. The handle is made in beech wood, and its squared shape allows you to keep a firm grip on the brush while blow-drying or brushing long and demanding hair.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 3 cm

9950 – 30 mm, 9954 – 32 mm, 9951 – 40 mm, 9959 – 50 mm, 9958 – 48 mm, 9957 – 55 mm, 9956 – 60 mm, 9955 – 60 mm, 9953 – 65 mm, 9952 – 75 mm






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